01 November 2011

Army Moves Tanks From City

Khlong Bang Bua canal overflowed to Phahon Yothin Road in front of the 11th Infantry Regiment yesterday. prompting it to move personnel carriers to the 3rd Infantry Battalion in Muang district of Phetchaburi province, said army deputy spokesman Lt Col Wanchana Sawasdee.

The 4th Cavalry Battalion in the Kiakkai area also moved 23 tanks and four personnel carriers to the 21st Artillery Battalion in Chon Buri. "The weaponry is only being moved to safe locations because flooding started in the 11th Infantry Regiment and it is a flood-prone area. The move is to ensure safe storage and does not have any political significance. Witnesses should not panic," Lt Col Wanchana said.

Defence Minister Yutthasak Sasiprapa confirmed the movement of the army vehicles yesterday, saying they would be transported via Rama II Highway to Phetchaburi province. "Do not panic. It is not a strategic movement. We will gradually transport them to safe locations and try not to affect traffic. The convoys will have vehicles leading the way. We chose the route with the least traffic congestion. We may use Rama II Highway because it is wide," he said.

Asked if the military will help the police suppress crime during flooding, Gen Yutthasak said the military would let the police do their duty first. If the police are unable to handle the responsibility by themselves, then the government's Flood Relief Operations Command would seek assistance from the Defence Ministry. Gen Yutthasak added that he could deploy around 200 military police to convince local people not to destroy dykes.

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