23 August 2011

Vietnam Marine Police Takes Delivery of its First C212-400 Airplane

C212-400 (Airliners.net)

The Vietnam Marine Police has taken delivery of the first of three C212-400 it ordered from Airbus Military. The second aircraft will be delivered later this year, and the third in early 2012.  

This modernized C212--400 series incorporates the latest systems and technologies, such as a Flight Management System (FMS). As a Coast Guard airplane, it will primarily be used in its Maritime Patrol role and carry out missions such as coastal surveillance, illegal fishing, drug traffic and smuggling, among others.

"We are very proud of the trust placed by the Vietnam Marine Police in Airbus Military, and look forward to the upcoming entry into service of one of our highly versatile products to help enforce law on the Vietnamese coast", says Airbus Military Head of Light & Medium Programmes, Rafael Tentor.

Pilots and aircraft maintenance specialists were trained to operate the aircraft at the Airbus Military Training Centre in Seville. This C212 is the first Airbus Military product that the Government of Vietnam will operate.To date, Airbus Military has sold 477 C212 to 92 different operators.

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