24 August 2011

Submarine for Navy? Noy bares AFP shop list


MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino yesterday enumerated a list of infantry apparatus to be acquired in accomplishment of his guarantee of modernizing a Armed Forces of a Philippines (AFP) during his term. 

Aquino pronounced among a apparatus to be purchased are jet trainers that would raise a skills of pilots and radars to ensure a country’s territorial waters. “With courtesy to a apparatus we want, I wish everything. But what we will acquire, we have lead-in jet trainer to keep a skills of a jet pilots, generally a warrior pilots still active. We won’t have a warrior jet yet we will have these lead-in jet trainers to keep their ability levels,” Aquino told reporters during attainment ceremonies for a BRP Gregorio del Pilar at Pier 13 in Manila.

Aquino pronounced a supervision skeleton to acquire aspect conflict aircraft, atmosphere invulnerability radars, long-range unit aircraft and sealed atmosphere support aircraft for a Air Force.

“For a Navy, vital sea-lift vessels, off-shore unit vessels, naval helicopters – there are during slightest 3 of them, seashore watch stations, identical weather-heavy continuation cutters,” he said.

Aquino pronounced a Army would be supposing with new attack rifles, armor assets, tanks, armored crew carriers, force insurance apparatus like helmets and bulletproof vests, night-fighting apparatus and radios. Aquino pronounced a Navy is still study either it needs to squeeze a submarine to secure a country’s territory. “The (acquisition of a) submarine is being difficult by a Navy, either or not practical, either or not it meets a needs,” he said.

Aquino pronounced a nation in Southeast Asia bought a refurbished submarine for a discount cost of $12 million yet finished adult spending some-more to refit a vessel for pleasant conditions. “They finished adult spending a same as if they bought it brand-new,” Aquino said.

Navy arch Vice Admiral Alexander Pama pronounced they are discreet on a skeleton to squeeze submarines to beef adult their capabilities. “This is a difficult matter,” Pama said. “We don’t wish to dedicate a mistake by jumping into something. As we said, we don’t wish to buy something that eventually we can't gnaw and swallow,” he said.

When asked if a squeeze of submarines is probable underneath Aquino’s term, Pama said: “I can't second theory a President…there are several factors (to be considered)…it starts from a capacity, in terms of resources and second, a readiness.”

Pama pronounced they are also eyeing to acquire dual some-more Hamilton-class ships from a US.

The supervision has allotted P11 billion this year to stake a military’s capability ascent program. Of this, P8 billion will come from deduction from a Malampaya healthy gas plan in Palawan while P3 billion will be sourced from a military’s modernization funds.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad progressing pronounced a supervision would practice a P40-billion infantry modernization plan over a subsequent 5 years, starting in 2012. Abad pronounced a supervision would distribute P8 billion annually over a subsequent 5 years for a Armed Forces’ modernization program.

Aquino vowed to practice good governance to capacitate a supervision to ascent a military’s capabilities. “Through a obliged governance, by a true path, we can do more…we won’t stop with ships. We won’t be delighted with helicopters,” he said.

“We can offer complicated weapons, faster unit qualification and some-more effective apparatus to a soldiers and infantry yet wasting income from a state coffers…We will buy these new apparatus during a right price.”

Only a beginning

Aquino pronounced a attainment of BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter, is only a commencement of efforts to update a AFP. “This boat symbolizes a newly acquired ability to guard, protect, and if necessary, quarrel for a interests of a country,” Aquino pronounced as a refurbished Hamilton-class knife forsaken anchor.

“This is only a beginning. Expect some-more good news given we will not stop during one ship,” he said. Aquino led officials in furloughed a 3,390-ton warship, that is about 46 years old. 

Aquino pronounced a former US Coast Guard cutter, now a Philippine Navy’s flagship vessel, would strengthen a country’s disdainful mercantile section and a oil and gas scrutiny activities in a South China Sea. “This will ascent a capability to ensure a disdainful mercantile section as good as a (oil and gas) use agreement areas,” he pronounced in a welcoming speech.

The knife will join a stream flagship BRP Rajah Humabon, a former American destroyer, that is among a oldest active warships in a world. Del Pilar will be deployed to strengthen a country’s interests in a doubtful Spratly islands, and will be tasked to unit a Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone, including “service agreement areas” where oil and gas explorations are held.

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. pronounced a new warship “represents a poignant step brazen in a efforts to urge a Navy’s ability to unit and secure a waters.” Ochoa, who heads a Cabinet cluster on security, pronounced they are now spearheading reforms in a AFP that find to residence this concern. The Armed Forces Modernization Act, that took outcome in 1995, has given a infantry a event to update in 15 years with a sum account of P331 billion.

More than16 years have upheld given a law was enacted yet critics pronounced a infantry is not even tighten to a complicated conflict force. The check in a doing of a law has been attributed to miss of state funds.


The Philippine supervision has acquired a 115-meter (378 feet) prolonged Weather Endurance Cutter (WHEC) from a US Coast Guard roughly giveaway by a Excess Defense Article (EDA) in line with a Philippine Navy Capability Upgrade Program with a refurbishing and ride cost amounting to P450 million.

The ship, before famous as USCGC Hamilton, 42 feet in lamp and 15 feet and 7 inches in draft, has a limit speed of 26 knots powered by dual turbine and dual diesel engines. It has a helipad and a hangar and could accommodate dual helicopters with foldable rotor blades during any given time.

A sum of 95 Filipino sailors maneuvered a boat from California on a three-week excursion home, accompanied by US Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald and dual identical US Coast Guard Hamilton cutters.

The sailors led by Navy Capt. Alberto Cruz

were taught by their US counterparts on how to work a boat during their three-week voyage. They underwent trainings in a US as early as Feb and finished their training final July. They done a stopover in Hawaii before dropping anchor in Guam final Aug. 16. From there, a boat sailed to Manila, nearing on Aug. 21.

Navy soldier John Rances, one of a Filipino seamen who were lerned to work a ship, pronounced there was no lifeless impulse during their voyage. Rances pronounced they were constantly lerned on operations and upkeep of a ship, including take off and alighting of helicopters on deck.

Pama pronounced American sailors who lerned Filipino Navy group to scheme a boat were impressed.  “Based on their (US troops) observations, we consider they are not pulling my leg, a Pacific Fleet Commander, 7th Fleet, (said) they were utterly tender with a troops,” Pama told reporters.

The boat arrived in Manila Bay final Sunday and underwent etiquette and immigration inspection.

Officials pronounced a knife would offer as a lagship of a military’s Western Command (Wescom) formed Ulugan Bay in Palawan. It was schooled that a boat would be propitious with additional complicated radar systems to cover many of a country’s nautical domain within a disdainful mercantile section in a West Philippine Sea.

The vessel, being a continue high continuation cutter, will also be used to control hunt and rescue operations. The US Coast Guard used a boat for drug and migrant interdiction, law enforcement, hunt and rescue, vital sea resources protection, and invulnerability readiness.

Parañaque City Rep. Roilo Golez suggested a boat should be versed with missiles to make it some-more lethal.

Golez, a former inhabitant confidence confidant and a connoisseur of a US Naval Academy, was among a administration officials who toured a boat when it docked during a South Harbor in Manila yesterday. He pronounced designation of a barb complement in a newly acquired vessel is not costly and value a investment, deliberation “the multitrillion-peso resources, minerals, fish, oil” within a Philippines’ disdainful mercantile zone.

“And of course, there’s no cost to a country’s sovereignty,” Golez said.

“The subsequent step is to give a boat barb capability. This is technically possibly for a song. Its 76mm gun, yet fast firing, is no compare to a capability of a naval powers in a region, that can glow a barb storm from approach over a horizon,” he said.

Golez pronounced there are many barb systems that a AFP can acquire from France, Germany, Italy or a US.
He pronounced a barb operation should be anywhere from 60 nautical miles to 150 nautical miles to cover a 200-mile EEZ.

“This is really doable and would be utterly a force multiplier,” Golez said.

The Philippines clinched a understanding to acquire a Gregorio del Pilar early this year, before tensions with China flared. The US has given betrothed to assistance ascent a Philippine infantry further, yet no sum have been released. China’s state-run media this month warned a Philippines it could compensate a “high price” for building adult a infantry participation in a South China Sea, renamed a West Philippine Sea.

However, shared ties sojourn clever in other areas, and Aquino will compensate a state revisit to China subsequent week.

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