26 October 2011

Vympel Shipyard to assist Vietnam in Building Russian missile boats

Project 12418 Molniya missile boats/vympel-r.ru

Vympel Shipyard (Rybinsk) will render assistance to Vietnam in batch production of Project 12418 Molniya missile boats under Russian license. Vympel shipwrights will produce and deliver to Vietnam assembly parts for first six Project 12418 Molniya missile boats, reported ARMS-TASS from Interpolitekh-2010.

Vietnamese shipbuilders have already started production of the boats; it will be held under technical supervision of the developer (Almaz Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering, St. Petersburg) and manufacturer (JSC Vympel Shipyard).

Deliveries of assembly parts started this year under a $30-mln contract will last till 2015. The contract contains an option providing potential construction of 4 more boats of Project 12418 Molniya. Realization of this option is expected after delivery of the first Vietnamese-built missile boats to the national navy.

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